This election was in many ways not an election – Onapito Ekomoloit

The Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs at the Nile Breweries, Francis Ekomoloit Onapito has said that the January 14th General elections were in many ways not an election at all.

While appearing on NBS Television’s Media Round Table, a weekly program that reviews events from the past couple of days, the law don the election was just a formality and not idea at all.

“It was in many ways not an election ” were his exact words as he tried to describe the recently concluded January 14th General elections that saw Museveni win a sixth term in office.

Onapito said that this election was war and ended in the way that many expected, with President Museveni winning the election and his competitors being locked up either in jail or their homes.

“This election was in many ways not an election. It was a war. It ended the way we expected, that President Museveni would win.”

Onapito Ekomoloit, Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs at the Nile Breweries

Onapito said that Museveni learnt the hard way when he lost the election to Obote in the highly contested 1980 December election, which inspired him to take to the bush leading an armed rebellion, and waged a guerrilla war against the government of Obote.

Museveni contested the 1980 election over wide spread vote-rigging and many other irregularities even though he was no where close to victory which Obote clinched while Democratic Party’s Paul Ssemwogerere.

Museveni then acquainted himself with the fact that you must have a gun by your side if your are to win and stay in power which is exactly what he employed through the just concluded general elections.

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