Stella Nyanzi To Lead Peaceful March To Bobi’s Magere

Activist turned politician Stella Nyanzi has invited masses for a peaceful protest march to the home of Kyagulanyi Robert aka Bobi Wine in Magere.

The protest, Nyanzi says, is intended to demand for the freedom of Bobi Wine and his wife Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi.

The two are under house arrest in their home in Magere following the conclusion of Presidential Elections.

Nyanzi who recently lost Kampala Woman MP race, went to her social media and called all people to come join her for the march this Monday.

She posted: “I invite you to a peaceful protest march to Magere to demand an end to the house arrest of Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie.

“Come with your placards on Monday morning 25/01/2021. Details to be shared safely.”

Bobi Wine has been under home arrest since the 14th January, 2021 by the Ugandan police and army and few people have been allowed to see him.

He cried out for government to free him as he is not allowed to move from his home and yet lacking enough food for his family.

Stella Nyanzi had earlier posted: “What if one thousand people flooded the road to Magere to demand to see Bobi? What if we matched peacefully to his home?”

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