Bebe Cool And Zuena Kirema Celebrate their 19th anniversary.

Gagamel boss Moses Ssali better known for his stage name Bebe Cool is celebrating 19 years of love with wife Zuena Kirema.

The couple has been together since 2002, with today marking 19years since artist Bebe Cool fell in love with the beautiful Zuena Kirema with-whom he has five (5) children.

A seemingly happy and excited Zuena took to her Facebook page to pour out her love for the Silent Majority boss, revealing that she would choose him if she were to choose again

“If I were to choose again, I would still choose you my love. Thanks for loving and taking good care of me Mr. Ssali.”

Zuena Kirema

According to Zuena, if “Mr good heart” was a person, it would definitely be her husband Bebe Cool without any doubt.

Bebe Cool who has been off social media since 14th January, 2021 when social media was shut down, couldn’t hold it any more. He ran back on just to celebrate the love of his life Zuena Kirema having made it to their 19th anniversary together.

His lengty but deep post on his Facebook page went…

“Never take God out of your equation of life.

Today marks 19 years of love and caring between me and my beautiful wife Zuena.
I have nothing but full respect for you my wife because you have loved, cared and been there for me.

You have never replaced me even when the going was tough.
You understood me, been patient with me and mostly, protected me when I needed you to.

I know many have loved us as a couple, supported us, prayed for us and been there for us when we needed them to, but also many have attacked you, humiliated you, disrespected you, looked down on you though you stood strong on one thing; Loving me unconditionally.

I pray that Allah protects, guides us through our love and life dreams as a family.

Thank you for loving me, Zuena. ❤️?
I love you.”

Bebe Cool and his wife Zuena Kirema have been an inspiration to the younger generation. So many wish they could be like this power couple.

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