I am not surprised By My Son’s Deeds- Tamale Mirundi.

Senior Political analyst Tamale Mirundi has sadi that he is not surprised by his son, Tamale Mirundi Jr’s deed as he (Tamale Jr) is old enough to make his own decisions.

He made these comments after his son’s photos while kissing city socialite Nalongo Sheila Don Zella were seen circulating on social media over the weeken. This happened as the couple were hosted on Dembe FM on Saturday

The seemingly unsurprised vocal political analyst said he was actually not surprised at all because of the group of people he lives amongst.

“Infact I would be surprised if he wasn’t doing this because of the group of people he lives in”

Tamale Mirundi said while on an interview live on STV.

“I would only get angry and shoot him if he was caught stealing, raping or even defiling anyone, but kissing is totally okay and unsurprising.” Tamale said of his son Tamale Jr.

He added that his son had actually called him and told him that he did not kiss Don Zella but rather just pecked her.

“My son called me today morning and told me that it is not kissing he was just pecking her because he didn’t put his toungue in Don Zella’s mouth.”

Tamale Mirund

According to Tamale Mirundi, his son Tamale Mirundi Junior chose his way and decided to join Bobi Wine he is not surprised of what he is doing because that’s what people around him do.

Tamale Mirundi also revealed that his son had organized a party with socialite Bad Black, and took his mother and Uncle so he wasn’t surprised when he saw the photos circulating because that’s what he was expecting.

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