Rema flaunts hubby Hamza again.

One would think that after over a year together, any couple would probably have their affection reduced substantially and the public display of affection probably completely gone.

Well, that is obviously not the case with singer Rema Namakula and hubby Dr. Hamza Ssebunya.

The two have always been the talk of town since their union almost two years ago and since it’s the thing with celebrity couples, Rema has always not held back one bit when it comes to displaying her love and affection for her husband.

Over the weekend, Rema took to her social media platforms to flaunt her “sweet mutiima”, flooding the timeline with pictures of her and her man in positions we all would rather be with our better halfs.

With a captivating caption, she threw praises to her man, who I have no doubt blushed while reading these off of the TL. Who wouldn’t blush?

Anyway, enough with the endless talk, have a glimpse of these two, I am sure you want to…

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