I Have Tamed My Tongue in These Elections – Pr Wilson Bugembe.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe says he has tried hard to tame his tongue during and after the January 2021 general elections.

Pr Bugembe denies all the allegations of the information that has been circulating around that he told National Unity Platform flag bearer in the just concluded presidential elections Hon Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine to accept the defeat and stop violence.

Pastor Bugembe says “I prayed to God for wisdom to be a pastor to all parties and never go political at any moment. The people abusing me I have never said anything about Bobi Wine at any place not on stage preaching or even off stage.”

Pastor Bugembe reveals that he is shocked and wonders how some one came out with that statement that may get him abused by National Unity Platform supporters. He also revealed that he has never been abused by social media people since he joined the art industry.

The Worship House pastor says he shares a very good relationship with Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie.

“I only talked about police on why they are shedding blood of innocent civilians and I didn’t attack any political party”

Pr Wilson Bugembe, Lead Pastor Worship House Nansana.

Pr Bugembe also added that he has never stopped anybody from coming into his church, The Worship House -Nansana irrespective of their Political or religious affiliation.

“I am saved, I fear God. I have never said anything about elections but only praying for peace”

Pr Wilson Bugembe, Lead Pastor Worship House Nansana.

Pastor Wilson requested whoever came up with the statement of him attacking Bobi Wine to come out with the proof and show it to people rather than throwing him into the ‘hyenas’ with false information.

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