Court dismisses Nyanzi’s election petition, upholds Nsereko’s victory

Court in Mengo has today, January 28th, 2021 dismissed Fred Nyanzi’s election petition in which he contested the results from the Kampala parliamentary seat run were the incumbent Muhammad Nsereko was declared winner.

The Chief Magistrate Esther Nansambu dismissed Bobi Wine’s brother Fred Nyanzi Ssentamu petition calling for recounting of votes of 50 Polling stations gazetted in Kampala Central constituency.

Earlier this week, Nyanzi took tot he Courts of Law to contest against the election results in Kampala and call for recounting of votes in 50 of the 120 Polling Stations in Kampala Central.

Nsereko was declared winner in the January 14th parliamentary elections for Kampala Central after garnering 16,998 votes beating his close opponent, Bobi Wine’s brother Fred Nyanzi whole got 15,975 votes.

Nsereko is also the only Member of Parliament who won the Parliamentary race while not on the National Unity Platform (NUP) card in Kampala, the rest were all NUP flag bearers.

Nyanzi through his lawyers led by Anthony Wameli, contested the electoral process which they say was marred by malpractices and alteration of results. He also informed the court that his agents were threatened and chased away from the polling stations.

Nyanzi also accused the Electoral Commission of conniving with Muhammad Nsereko to alter and manipulate results recorded on many of the declaration results.

Chief Magistrate Esther Nsambu, however, dismissed with costs the application for vote recount for Kampala Central constituency as requested by Nyanzi thereby upholding Muhammad Nsereko’s victory as the MP elect for Kampala Central.

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