Electoral Commission gives detailed account of presidential election results

The Uganda Electoral Commission, through the chairperson Justice Simon Byabakama, has given a detailed account of the final results from the concluded presidential Elections that took place on 14th January, 2021.

On 16th January, 2021 , the Electrol Commission was unable to give the full percentage of the results due to the time constraint of the 48 hours given to them to declare the results. But results that were read out on that day were more than 90 percentage of the votes hence giving a go forward for the EC to announce the winner.
The final results according to the Electrol Commission are as follows,

Total number of polling stations: 34,684. To
Total number of polling stations received: 34,601 (99.76%) of total polling stations.

The presidential candidates scored as follow:

Amuriat Oboi Patrick: 337,589 representing 3.26% of valid votes cast.
Kabuleeta Kiiza Joseph: 45,424 votes representing 0.44%.

Kalembe Nancy Linda: 38,772 votes representing 0.37%.

Katumba John: 37,554 votes representing 0.36%.

Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu: 3,631,437 votes representing 35.08% of the valid votes cast.
Mao Nobert: 57,682 votes representing 0.56% of the valid votes cast.

Mayambala Willy: 15,014 votes representing 0.15%.

Mugisha Muntu Gregg: 67,574 votes representing 0.65%.

Mwesigye Fred: 25,483 votes representing 0.25% of the valid votes cast.
Tumukunde Henry Kakurugu: 51,392 votes representing 0.50% of the valid votes cast.

Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa Kaguta: 6,042,898 votes representing 58.38% of the valid votes cast.

Valid votes: 10,350,819.
Invalid votes: 393,500.
Total votes: 10,744,319.
Spoilt votes: 29,913.

“Results from 83 polling stations were not included” Sir Justice Byabakama says.
The chairman of Electrol Commission Sir Justice Byabakama says valid reasons made some votes not to be included.
He says on those polling stations that it’s votes were not counted had violence disruptions, grabbing of election materials, total votes counted exceeded the number of votes and many others.

The chairman of Electoral Commission has trashed the allegations of saying that the polling stations were Hon Kyagulanyi won were not included.
And has also clarified on the photos that are circulating on social media of the police pre-ticking votes saying every scene was reported the votes of that specific polling station were not put into account.

Sir Justice Byabakama Simon has also appreciated Ugandans for peacefully conducting themselves during the presidential Elections and to continue being peaceful until the election are done.

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