President Museveni cautions NCHE against opening of schools

President Yoweri Kaguta has cautioned the National Council for Higher Education against re-opening of schools for at least another three months.

Through the first lady and Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni, the Presidential Advisory Committee today 27th January,2021 has guided the NCHE to encourage institutions to continue with on-line studies.

“Institutions are encouraged to utilize the ODeL system and all institutions that have not embraced the ODeL system are encouraged to do so.”

This information is a reply to the reference of the letter that was put out on 21st January, 2021 informing institutions not to re-open for non-finalists until the decision of the government on the matter is communicated.

Schools were closed in March 2020 after the out break of Covid19. Later in October 2020, finalists were able to go back and resume studies leaving the continuing students to access school through online.

“This is to enable Government find a lasting solution. “National Council for Higher Education states.

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