Uganda is a peaceful country – Gen Jeje Odongo

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Jeje Odongo has said that Uganda is a peaceful country and will continue to be so and encouraged even tourists and foreign investors to keep coming intot he country.

“Our friends from outside, as always you’re welcome. Uganda is a peaceful country as it has always been, it will also be so,”

Gen Jeje Odongo, Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister for Internal Affairs made these remarks while addressing the media on the state of security in the country with other security bosses including Uganda Police boss, IGP Okoth Ochola.

The media questioned the claims of security and peace in the country and charged the security bosses to explain the whereabouts and reasons for the random arrests of Ugandans by plain clothed security personnel.

The Security bosses however failed to explain and answer question on the alleged reports kidnappings of Ugandans from various parts of the country for no known reasons.

They said that they have no clear knowledge of the said arrests, nor do they know who the people arrested are or who they security personnel carrying out the operations are.

Gen Odongo charged the media and general public to help the police and security operatives to identify who the arrested people are as well as when and where they were arrested or kidnapped from.

“It would be more helpful to say that on Thursday at 2pm in Kamwokya, we saw a vehicle grabbing so and so. It becomes easier to find out. When you make a general statement, the inquiry becomes difficult,”

Gen Jeje Odongo, Minister of Internal Affairs

Gen. Odongo also charged the Director of Criminal Investigations Division, AIGP Grace Akullo to make investigations into the matter and subsequesntly report the matter to the public.

“The Director of CID is here. She is, therefore, tasked to take up this matter and we will subsequently report to the country about what has happened to these individuals.”  

Gen Jeje Odongo, Minister of Internal Affairs

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