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Kabushenga takes early retirement from New Vision

The New Vision Group has approved an early retirement request for their Chief Executive Officer, Robert Kabushenga, an office he has occupied for almost fifteen (15) years. He says,
“I am proud of the success we achieved and the impact we had in the society. This was possible because we worked as a team.”

The New Vision Group confirmed the reports on their official twitter platform and also revealed that Kabushenga will over-see a 90-day transition period before leaving the company’s top office.

On the statements circulating on social media Kabushenga said he had asked the board for the permission to retire early due to personal reasons.

Robert Kabushenga a lawyer by profession started on his work as the Chief Executive Office of Vision Group in October, 2006. Before he succeeded William Pike he was service as the corporation secretary in the New Vision.

Kabushenga Roberts also says he has agreed with the board to stay on for other more 90days to over see the transition of his successor.

According to Robert Kabushenga he says in his serving terms New Vision group has achieved so many other things like the introduction of regional radios and televisions in Uganda for example TV West and radio West.

He says some analysts had said that the rapid expansion of the New Vision group would cost it dearly but Kabushenga was able to fight it and keep the New Vision group growing rappidly.

The CEO of Vision Group says thought the company had mixed financial fortunes like in 2017 the company registered a net profit of shillings 14miliion which was the lowest.

And in 2020 the company was able to register a net profit of 2.7 billion that shows the company has been growing year by year.
The New Vision Group is one of the companies that employ so many people in Uganda.

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