My Dad taught me how to work hard and hire people – Angella Katatumba

Singer Angella Katatumba revealed that she doesn’t know how to do any house work simply because her dad taught her how to work harder and hire workers to do the house work for her.

“Our parents used to hire chefs, maids and cleaners at home” Angella Katatumba says.
During her interview with Bukedde TV she became so honest and revealed how she doesn’t know how to cook, wash or clean. Being a child of a rich person everything was done for them.

“When I got married to my husband in UK he is the one that taught me how to cook rice and other simple foods.” Angella Katatumba adds.

The songstress Angella Katatumba says the fact that she doesn’t know how to cook doesn’t make her a bad person.
“My dad taught me how to hustle and use workers”
Though in African culture women are supposed to know how to do house work Angella Katatumba says that is not in her characters.

“I won’t go out to hustle come back tired and my husband expects me to wash clothes and cook.” She says.

Since Angella Katatumba left UK she has not settled in any relationship. Even when she tried being with Daddy Andre it didn’t work.
Do you think not knowing how to cook is the cause??

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