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It’s a right time for us to host the MAMAs – Navio

With the MTV Africa Music Awards that are scheduled to be hosted here in Kampala, Uganda coming up real soon, a lot of opinions have been aired about the credibility of Uganda hosting them with many doubting whether Uganda is ready for such a big platform and stage.

Ugandan Urban rapper Daniel Kigozi alias Navio has no drop of doubt that this is the rigth time for Uganda to host the MAMAs.

Navio pointed out that despite the imperfections in Uganda, the country still deserves not to let go of such opportunities to show the world what she has.

Navio also revealed that putting the wrong things right in the country does not necessarily mean that we have to ruin even the good things that do exist, the alleged absence of justice and peace does not have to block the opportunity to host the MAMAs.

Navio added that the MAMAs present a golden opportunity to so many artists and young talents and pushing for the boycott of the awards will only guarantee that those who stand to benefit from such once-in-a-life-time opportunity miss out.

Navio added that he will be rooting for the MAMAs as long as he is sure that the young artists and talents are prioritized to benefit from the awards.

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