U.S Ambassador Natalie Brown finally meets Bobi Wine at Magere

The United States ambassador to Uganda Natalie Brown finally met with Hon Kyagulanyi Robert alias of the National Unity Platform (NUP) yesterday January 30th, 2021 and held talks over the just concluded presidential elections.

According to NBS television, the U.S ambassador Natalie Brown emphasised the essential role that the opposition plays in democracy as she met with the former presidential candidate.

Natalie pointed out that the United States did not support any political party nor specific candidate in Uganda’s elections and expressed deep concern about the gross human rights abuses in the country.

“The United States is deeply concerned about the extrajudicial detention of opposition political party members, the reported disappearance of several opposition supporters.”

Natalie Brown, US Ambassador

She urged all political parties, their supporters and all political actors to use constitutional, legal and non-violent means to address complaints over the elleged irregularities experienced in the just concluded general elections.

She also emphasized that the U.S supports the fundamental freedoms of expression, assembly and movement of all people.

She added that violence, repression and intimidation should not hold a place in any democracy.

She commended the participation of candidates and all people from across Uganda’s political fraternity.

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