Eddie Mutwe, Nubian Li, and 47 other NUP members sent back to jail

Today, February 1st, 2021, 49 National Unity Platform members who had filed for bail in the Makindye Court Martial have been remanded till the February 8th, 2021..

The suspects were arrested in Kalangala District last year in December as they accompanied National Unity Platform flag bearer Kyagulanyi Sentamu to pursue voters prior to the January 2021 elections.

Some of those arrested were granted bail in Masaka and were released subsequently while 49 of them were remanded to Kitalya and Kigo prison after being accused of illegal possession of live ammunition.

According to Court records, the suspects were found in unlawful possession of four (04) rounds of ammunition of AK47, the said ammunition being ordinarily a monopoly of the Defence Forces.

These appeared before the Military Court in Makindye today for the second time for their bail hearing.

The General Court Martial chaired by Lt Gen Andrew Gutti was unable to grant them bail as the prosecution needed more time to review the accused’s files to ascertain their eligibility for bail.

Lt Gen Gutti therefore adjourned the court till next week, February 8th, 2021 for the final bail hearing.

“Since the state needs time to respond to the bail applications, I find it proper to give them time to do the same. I, therefore, adjourn this case to February, 8th 2021”

Lt Gen Andrew Gutti, Chairperson of the General Court Martial

Among the suspects were Buken Ali alias Nubian Li, Bobi Wine’s singing partner and Edward Sebuffu better known as Eddie Mutwe, Bobi Wine’s personal bodyguard.

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The suspects were charged with the case of illegal possession of ammunition and were remanded to Kitalya (for males) and Kigo (females) prisons.

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