Mondo Mugisha’s claims that he’s hiding in South Africa are a stunt – Eddie Sendi

Dembe FM presenter Eddie Sendi has dismissed Pastor Mondo Mugisha’s claims that he is hiding in South Africa, calling them a mere stunt.

Pastor Mondo Mugisha has been troubled for a while now ever since he was accused of conning a group of pastors of their money with promises of linking them to the president.

A couple of days after the general elections, Balaam Byarugaba, a close associate to the pastor had posted on his Facebook page revealing that he was on the look out for the pastor.

Pr. Mondo Mugisha responded to Balaam, revealing that he was on the run as his life was in danger and he was on the run.

Later on, the embattled pastor left the country and flew to South Africa, allegedly for safety.

Eddie Sendi does not believe the Pastor’s claims and has dismissed them as a mere stunt in a movie.

He says that if a close friend went missing or was in danger, he would not use Social Media to look for them but would rather look them up physically.

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