NBS connived with the state to declare “fake” results – Former NBS presenter

Moses Walugembe, a former employee at NBS says Bobi Wine didn’t attack NBS as many people are trying to look at it like that.
“The protest letter to NBS is based on facts which many of us having worked their know.”

This after Bobi Wine real names Kyagulanyi Robert wrote to NBS accusing them to have worked with the ruling party which won again to display ‘fake’ results.

Moses Walugembe says NBS television lied to the public claiming to have a tally centre because it has never existed. He continues to say even the results they displayed claiming to be from their reporters on ground is also a lie.

The former presenter says NBS repeated what they did in 2016 elections, well aided and planned by the state –‘Museveni’ to announce fabricated results.
“I can be sued if I am lying. I have evidence of that.” He adds.

Moses says NBS well knowingly connived with the state to declare results engineered in a hotel room which they knew were not from their own reporters who were in the field sending correct results.

However, he says NBS trashed the correct results and relied on the results given to them well fabricated.
“I know what am saying. I have been there” Moses adds.

Moses Walugembe says the cores codes and standards of journalism have been bleached.
“We need to protect this profession “Journalism.”

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