Oscar Kihika to lead the 40-lawyer team defending NRM’s victory

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has lined up a forty (40) man legal team led by Oscar Kihika of Byenkya, Kihika & Co. Advocates to defend their presidential victory that is being contested by the National Unity Platform.

Fifteen days after the Uganda Electoral Commission (UEC) declared NRM’s Yoweri Museveni as winner of the 2021 Presidential Elections, the National Unity Platform (NUP) filed a petition in the Supreme Court contesting the results.

NUP’s legal team listed 26 grounds as to why they decided to contest the results in the Supreme Court some of which included voter intimidation, ballot stuffing, pre-ticked ballots among others.

In preparation for their defense against the accusations, the NRM ruling party has put together a team of up-to forty (40) lawyers that will be led by Oscar Kihika.

While speaking to the press, Oscar expressed confidence in their defense as he trashed the evidence collected and prepared by the NUP legal team pointing out that only about 20% of it is useful.

I feel sorry for the petitioners because it’s only 20% of the evidence collected that is useful. The rest is ‘wolokoso’.”

Oscar Kihika, NRM Lawyer.

The Deputy Attorney General, Jackson Kafuuzi, confirmed receipts of the court summons and revealed that the issues are always about the evidences presented especially on the side of the petitioners.

“You can file a thousand allegations but all that matter is the substance in there. If there is no substance then you will be wasting time.”

Jackson Kafuuzi, Deputy Attorney General

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