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I will be stepping down as president of UMA soon – YKee Benda

The president of the Uganda Musicians Association, Ykee Benda has revealed that he will be stepping down from the position that he assumed last year real soon.

Ykee Benda whose real name is Baguma Wycliffe took to his Twitter account to announce the development following the suspension of the MTV Africa Music Awards.

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The Muna’Kampala singer had recently sworn that nothing will stop the MAMAs that were scheduled to be hosted in Kampala this month from happening.

This followed various Ugandans and foreigners calling out to the organizers of the MTV sponsored awards to suspend them and others calling out Ugandans and Africans to boycott them.

Ykee used the platform to thank MTV for the opportunity of considering Uganda as the host for the awards as well as postponing them.

Ykee also added that after careful consideration and thought, he will be stepping down from the Uganda Musicians Association presidential office that he has held since last year.

Ykee took over from Sophie Gombya in July 2020 after the later chose to join politics.

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As Ykee steps down, we are left wondering who will take up the office that he has held for less than a year, but our guess is as good as yours.

Well, lets just keep our eyes up as we look forward to the next president of the Uganda Musicians Association.

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