No more kindergarten school in Uganda – Janet Museveni

The Minister of Education in Uganda has revealed that there will be no more nursery/kindergarten school in Uganda until the COVID-19 crisis is over.

While addressing the call for government to reopen schools from various stakeholders, Janet Museveni said that since the younger children are incapable of observing SOPs, they will stay home until they are older.

This follows a statement from the President last evening where he revealed that schools will be reopened in a phased manner with the semi-candidate classes reporting back to school next month.

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According to the first lady, the children will now start school in Primary at 5 years contrary to the previous Baby Class at 3 years.

Various people including scholars, journalists and analysts have called out the government to reopen schools to not only save the children from losing out academically but also the businesses associated with the schools.

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