The elderly were bought off like potatoes – Miria Matembe

Former member of the Pan-African Parliament, Hon Miria Matembe who was contesting to represent the elderly in the 11th parliament has expressed his disappointment in the way the elections were held.

The former Minister of Ethics and Integrity revealed that it was frustrating to see respectable elderly people being bought off like “potatoes”.

Matembe revealed that the voters were surely in her favor until the NRM came around and bought them off like “potatoes”.

Miria Matembe spent 17 years in parliament and even took part in the creation and formulation of the 1995 constitution.

Miria Matembe who had made a return to elective politics, to represent the elderly but the politician turned activist lost to NRM’s Peggy Waako.

Miria attributes her loss to NRM’s ways of handing parcels and envelopes to the electorate to persuade them to vote in favour of their benefactors. She added that the NRM does this because they are desperate to stay in power.

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