Money doesn’t solve everything – Nina Roz

Daddy Andre’s lover Nina Roz has trashed Angella Katatumba’s claims that money is everything and that with it, one can have whatever they want.

Nina Roz, real names Nina Kankunda who introduced Daddy Andre a few months ago made the remarks in response to Angella Katatumba’s claims that she doesn’t need to know how to do house work.

Angella Katatumba in a recent interview revealed that she doesn’t do housework because her dad taught her how to make money to hire people to help her do work for her.

Nina Roz believes that as a married woman, house work ought to be part of your routine. and Angella is wrong to think that it is okay and alright yet it is not right at all.

“Angella Katatumba thinks what she is doing is right yet it’s very wrong for our children out there who look up to her.”

Nina Roz

Nina Roz was undoubtedly not pleased with her husband’s ex-lover’s statements and added that as a woman, Angella should be ashamed of herself for not knowing how to handle her home and also putting it out there for the public.

According to Nina Roz, money doesn’t solve everything and although everybody wants a better life with money but culture remains vital,

Nina advised her fellow celebrities more so artists to be mindful of what they speak while in the public or on air as these paint a picture of who they are and influence the lives of those who look up to them including children.

She added that being a lady doesn’t rub off the fact that women remain women and therefore should give their husbands maximum respect.

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