Rwenzururu King Mumbere has asked the government to pardon him

The Omusinga of the Western Kingdom of Rwenzururu, King Charles Wesley Mumbere has asked government to drop the cases against him and his subjects.

The Omusinga and his co-accused who have been behind bars since 2016 when the kingdom headquarters and palace were raided by Uganda’s security forces are facing charges of are facing charges of treason, terrorism, murder, aggravated robbery and being in possession of illegal firearms.

The king, through the kingdom attorney general, Mr Alfred Makasi made the request to the government to have charges against him and his co-accused withdrawn during a pre-trial session at the International Crimes Division of the High Court at Kirinya Main Prison in Jinja last week.

According to Mr Makasi, the government has pardoned many people who had committed far worse crimes and there was no reason why they would not grant the Omusinga and his subjects the same mercy.

“The government has pardoned many people, I don’t see why they don’t pardon us, and four years in prison is enough punishment,’’

Mr Makasi , Rwenzururu Kingdom Attorney General

The former acting kingdom prime minister,  Mr Johnson Thembo Kitsumbire, who is also among the accused, asked court to relax the bail conditions given to him, the king and the six juveniles.

“I would like to thank court for recently bailing out 132 suspects, but I would also ask the same Court to relax the bail terms that were given to me, the king and the juveniles. We were confined to only Kampala and Wakiso and this has infringed on our freedom of movement,’

Mr Johnson Thembo Kitsumbire, Former Rwenzururu Kingdom Prime Minister

Mr Kitsumbire further asked court to allow them to go back to Rwezururu Kingdom, but keep reporting to Kampala.

Justice Luswata adjourned the case to March 30 to give the State time to produce a nolle prosequi (sheet which will include only the names of the suspects whom the prosecution have evidence against).

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