Alcohol and Weed were my best friend for so long -Nina Roz

Artist Nina Roz whose real name is Kankunda Ninah has revealed that weed and alcohol were her best friend for so long.

Nina told her story to the world through an interview with NBS. She says she was once a drug addict after being introduced to the drugs by her friends.

“I was introduced to a certain drug by my friend and that drug was slowly eating me up.” She revealed.

The ‘nfunila’ hit maker says she could neither eat nor sleep after sniffing that drug and was living in denial and sin for long.

“I have been living in denial and sin” Ninah added.

The celebrated artist says she used to sniff the drug to get the courage to face people.

She has revealed that drugs and alcohol tortured her mentally, physically and spiritually to the point of getting suicidal thoughts.

She is however grateful to God because those days are now behind her.

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