I wasn’t surprised by the election results – Joseph Kabuleta

Former Presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has stated that President Museveni should be Uganda’s last dictator if the country is to move on to greater heights.

The former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has stated that they want to move on with something new hence removing ‘a dictator’ president Yoweri Kaguta who emerged as a winner.

Though Joseph Kabuleta applauds Hon Robert Kyagulanyi for having come up to challenge the results of presidential elections, he expected what happened and he wasn’t surprised by President Museveni emerging as a winner.

“I am glad Hon Kyagulanyi has come up to challenge the results of presidential elections. There is no way the incumbent would have gotten less than 50%.” Kabuleta stated.

Joseph Kabuleta added that he entered the political game which he says is not easy with confidence and despite being defeated he still is a former presidential candidate.

The former presidential candidate said he is happy with the way Uganda as a country is moving forward.
“When you enter this game (politics), you have entered it for good. I am confident we are heading somewhere as a country.”

Joseph Kabuleta said the election was fraudulent. And the only thing he is waiting for is the government to get out of his way as he fights for financial liberation for all Ugandans.

“The election was fraudulent. We are moving with the message of financial liberation as we wait for this illegitimate government to get out of the way.” Kabuleta noted.

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