I have the best marriage relationship – Anatalia

Television presenter Anatalia Oze has claimed to have the best marriage relationship amongst all the young television presenters.

The NBS Uncut whose real name is Annet Nambooze revealed that her relationship has lasted more than ten (10) year with no scandals.

“ I have the best marriage relationship amongst the young female TV presenters.” Anna stated.

While on the NBS After5 show, the Annatalia revealed how her marriage relationship is private hence finding it as the best amongst her fellow young female TV host.

The famous Uncut show host, it’s on record she has never showed her husband on camera. So many people have been wondering if she is married or single.

Annatalia set the record straight that she has a husband with whom they have a baby and have been engaged for 10 years.

“I have been engaged for the last ten years, but I have never flaunted my husband on social media.” Annatalia said.

She advised fellow women to know how to treat their husbands and should set a line where social media people can stop getting engaged in their families and marriages.

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