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KCCA is not the same without Jenifer Musisi – Frank Gashumba

Sisimuka Uganda Director Frank Gashumba has called out authorities at the Kampala Capita City Authority (KCCA) for being less efficient and effective in their works since the departure of former ED Jenipher Musisi.

Gashumba highlighted that one doesn’t need special vision to notice that the city has changed for worse since Jenipher left, adding that it’s now evident that she did a great job.

In a facebook post on his page, Gashumba highlighted a couple of issues that have taken a wrong turn since the new leaders too charge of the city.

From plastics and “buvera” littered everywhere, to sewage oozing from every corner, the cleaning ladies that are no more and other issues have since made Musisi’s clean city history.

The potholes that have become symbol of the city as well as blocked drainage channels all left the motor mouthed political analyst and critic surely angry.

Gashumba questioned the existence of the new administration as he pointed out the fact that they haven’t been felt ever since they took office.

“KCCA new administration where are you? We haven’t felt you at all since you took over office.”

Frank Gashumba

He also questioned whether they are still learning how things work before they finally get to work as he feels they have failed to do even the simplest of things.

Gashumba pointed out that if these people at the helm of the city authority are not up to the task then they shouldn’t have accepted the jobs and should be held accountable for the tax payers’ money they sign for periodically.

Musisi resigned from KCCA in 2028 and moved to the USA where she became the first City Leader in Residence at Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative at the Ash Center of the Harvard Kennedy School, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, a position she was appointed to in January 2019.

She was replaced by Andrew Mubiru Kitaka who held office from December 2018 to June 2020 and Dorothy Kisaka who is the current Executive Director of the Authority.

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