Kabako set to legalize relationship with girlfriend

Team No Sleep artist Yusuf Ssenabulya alias Rodin Y Kabako is set to legalize his relationship with his long time girlfriend Jazira Namuddu aka Jazira Ddunuma.

Kabako says it’s now time to be introduced to his girlfriend’s family and will take to the mosque to make it official.

This update came through Kabako’s social media handles saying he is thinking of marrying his girlfriend officially.

“I think I should kwanjula.” Kabako posted.

And later appeared in one of the interviews with BBS Round About, assuring his fans that in April 2021, his girlfriend will introduce him to her family in Mpingi district and it should not be a surprise because they have been in a relationship for some time.

“I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for six years, so it’s time we make it official and it shouldn’t surprise you.” Kabako stated.

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