Photo’s of tortured NUP supporter, Ronald Segawa are fake – Fred Enanga

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga has spoken out about the recent circulation of photos of a one Ronald Segawa who was allegedly kidnapped, tortured and dropped at Mulago by security personnel circulating on social media

Enanga has trashed these allegations and even dismissed claims that Ronald Segawa was tortured by security personnel as it has been alleged.

“The gruesome photos of a tortured male identified as Segawa Ronald that showed him with random body injuries including an open fractured wound on the hand, that has since gone viral, with the claim that he was tortured by security agencies, is fake news and a negative propaganda tactic, by the opposition groups and it’s sponsored by a network of bloggers.” Enanga stated.

According to the police spokesperson, the images making rounds are of a one Sandra Nelima who fell off a rock on January 27th, 2021 and sustained injuries on both arms and legs.

“The images were smuggled from Mbale regional referral hospital where the patient was going under treatment and photoshopped to incite negative perceptions on security agencies,” Enanga stated.

The Nation Unity Platform president Hon Kyagulanyi Robert was one of the people that posted about those photos on his social media pointing out that Ronald was tortured.

“Apparently the hands of the alleged torture victim Segawa Ronald are hidden in a calculated manner in their deliberate attempt to sway public perception.” Fred Enanga said.

And this comes after the increment of abductions that many Ugandans are allegedly picked by armed men in usual clothes driving numberless drones to unknown places.

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