Non-candidates to get back to school in phases – Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education has released a statement that shows how and when non candidate classes should report to school.

On 5th February, 2021 the minister of education and sports promised to issue a detailed calendar indicating the dates when all other classes will report back to school.

The Ministry of Education through the statement they have issued has it that,
“P.6, S.3 and S.5 will report back to school on 1st March and break off on 21st May, 2021.”

“P.4 and P.5 will report back on 6th April after PLE examinations which end on 31st March 2021. They will study for 8weeks and then break off on 4th June 2021 to allow lower primary classes to report back and use the facilities.”

“P.1, P 2 and P.3 will report back on 7th June then study for 8weeks will end on 24th July 2021.”

“S.1 will report back on 12th April and study for 14weeks which will end on 3rd July“

“S.2 will report back on 31st May 2021 after S.3 and S.5 classes break off and will study for 10weeks ending on 24th July 2021.” The Ministry of Education stated

The Ministry of Education added that students in technical vocational Education and training, institutions, Primary Teachers College (PTC), National Teachers College (NTC) will report back starting with 1st March 2021 and follow a shift system to ensure Covid19 SOPs are well observed.

Even universities and other tertiary institutions shall open in a planned manner starting on 1st March 2021. Face to face sessions should be conducted in shifts.

The Ministry of Education stated that the academic year 2020 will end in July and after a comprehensive school calendar for 2021 academic year as well as strategy recovery for lost time will be issued.

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