Two sentenced to 100 years in jail

The Division Court Marital in Mbarara has sentenced two men to 100 years imprisonment after being found guilty of killing a police officer and stealing his gun in Kabale.

Special Police Constable (SPC) Garalious Barykabu, 58, was killed while on duty as he guarded the Electoral Commission (EC) offices on Makanga Hill Kabale Town on January, 28, 2021.

The deceased’s body was found tied with ropes inside the security guard’s room at the gate of the EC offices in Kabale town as the assailants took off with his SMG rifle which contained 30 rounds of ammunition.

The suspected males, Mukwenda Mugisha,19 from Kisoro and Paul Dusingizimana, 27 from Kabale were arrested and transferred to the army barracks in Mbarara for trial by the army court.

During the court, the duo was charged with robbery of a phone, money and kidnap and on Thursday, they were convicted on all charges after pleading guilty and asked for lenience.

However, the army prosecutor, Lt James Omondi asked court for a deterrent sentence that would send a warning to all other people not to be tempted to engage in criminality because it does not pay.

The prosecutor told court that because of the increase in incidents of murder and robbery, such a heavy punishment would send a strong message to would-be offenders not to be tempted to engage in criminal activities.

The Second Division Court Martial chairman Lt Col Emmanuel Mwesigwa reasoned with the prosecution and sentenced the duo to 100 years imprisonment for murder, 70 years for aggravated robbery and 30 years for kidnap all to be served concurrently.”

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