Vinka boasts with love for her baby

Singer Vinka real names Veronica Nalugya has shared her joy and love for her baby whom she’s kept away from social media since birth.

The Swangz Avenue artist gave birth in January though it was so private that she didn’t put on social media. Some rumors had it that Vinka had given birth to twins and others said it was a baby girl.

Today 13th February,2021, Vinka has come out on her social media and confirmed being a mother. She has posted a picture that showed part of her baby saying, “I cried to bring you into this world. But I am sure I’ll always be happy when you’re around.” Vinka posted.

This is after ‘Malaika’ hit maker had a private introduction ceremony last year.

She didn’t post or talk about it in the media but people close to her confirmed it. Vinka has been rare on social media, and has not put out any new music as well.

This has made her fans say she is maybe focusing on her marriage for now.

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