Dr Stella Nyanzi expresses disappointment in Museveni’s speech on security in Uganda

Makerere University Researcher and Former Kampala Woman Member of Parliament contestant Dr Stella Nyanzi has expressed her disappointment in President Museveni’s speech about the security in Uganda.

After Stella Nyanzi was defeated in the just concluded general elections, she fled to Nairobi, Kenya to seek asylum.

Yesterday, February 13th, 2021, after the presidential address, Stella Nyanzi took to her social media to express her anger and disappointment about the speech President Museveni gave saying UPDF is not involved in the kidnapping that is taking place and denying the existence of refugees from Uganda.

Nalongo Stella Nyanzi said,
“I am watching Dictator Museveni denying the involvement of UPDF/NRA in the ongoing Kidnaps, abductions, disappearance of people in Uganda. I got outraged when I heard him deny the existence of refugees from Uganda.” She posted.

Stella Nyanzi who is in exile added that she feared the political persecution in Uganda and decided to go to exile and also claims there are other many Ugandans in the area she is living in who also went for exile.

“I am a Ugandan in exile because I am afraid of the extended political persecution I suffered and was yet to suffer simply because I am in the opposition and criticise Museveni’s dictatorship. In this small area I live, there are very many other Ugandans who are recent exiles, asylum seekers and refugees in Kenya. Is the dictator aware that he is naked?” Nyanzi posted.

The human rights activist says president Museveni is a ‘dictator’ hence denying Ugandans their rights.

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