Every Ugandan under NRM will be accounted for – President Museveni

President Museveni has dismissed reports and allegations of missing people in the country amidst growing tension over the alleged kidnapping and abduction of people especially members of the opposition.

While addressing the nation, on matter of security last evening, the President pointed out that the people that have been declared missing are not missing but are being held up by security to aid investigations into different cases that have been committed over time.

The President highlighted that towards the elections, due to growing concerns and projections of destabilizing the country, The Commando Unit was brought in from Somalia to maintain peace and stability.

“Because of the misbehaviour and plans to destabilise the election, security forces deployed heavily. In the case of Kampala, we brought a commando unit that had been exemplary in Somalia. Towards the elections, we had new schemes of criminality. They would attack buildings and security personnel,”

President Museveni

The President added that a number of people were arrested by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, some of whom where released or granted bail while a number of others are still being investigated.

“There were people who were arrested by CMI. They were in 2 categories which involved 177 who were granted bail or released. Another 65 are still being investigated. Their names should be made public so that this talk of disappearance is answered,”

President Museveni.

According to the president, another group of people were arrested by the commandos from Kyotera, Mpigi, Nakasongola and Kampala and noted these were 59 in number whereas 15 others arrested from Mukono have since been released.

President Museveni insisted that these people are not missing as it has been reported but noted they are in safe hands of security.

“Therefore, the talk of disappearance should be ignored because it can’t happen under the NRM. Even if a mistake is made it will be addressed and answered. There is nothing we do and hide,” he said.

“I was hearing in the papers that there is a stampede on the issue of disappearance. Every Ugandan under NRM will be accounted for.”

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