Bobi Wine threatens to withdraw his petition from Supreme Court

National Unity Platform president and runner up in the recently concluded presidential elections Kyagulanyi Robert alias Bobi Wine has threatened to withdraw his election petition case from the Supreme Court.

While holding a press conference at the National Unity Platform offices in Kamwokya, Bobi Wine revealed that he would withdraw his petition filed with the Supreme Court challenging the January 14 presidential election results and take to the Court of Public Opinion.

In his speech he warned the supreme Court that if they continue blocking his evidence he will withdraw his case from the supreme Court.

“I am warning the Supreme Court that If they continue blocking our evidence, we shall withdraw our case from this court and take the matter before the public court”

Bobi Wine, Former Presidential Candidate

This comes after Bobi Wine took to the Supreme Court to challenge President Museveni’s victory but it seems he is still not content with how the court is handling the matters at hand so far.

Bobi Wine also requested some of the justices in the supreme Court to withdraw from his case.

“ I want the following justices; CJ Owiny-Dollo (Museveni defence lawyer in 2006), Mike Chibita (Museveni private secretary for 7yrs) and Ezekiel Muhanguzi (relative to Security minister Elly Tumwine) to withdraw from Kyagulanyi Petition.”

Bobi Wine, Former Presidential Candidate

Bobi Wine added that the justices he mentioned to withdraw from his petition are connected with President Museveni and they will not give the real results and if they don’t withdraw he will take his petition to the public court.

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