Bobi Wine unveils list of allegedly kidnapped people

National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has released a list of more than 200 people who he claims were abducted by the government.

Last week, Kyagulanyi said that at least 3000 of his supporters with several others went missing after reports that they were abducted by numberless ‘drone’ vehicles and others are continuing to go missing.

However, in a post on his social media platforms, Kyagulanyi released a list of 243 people and also revealed that his team has received hundreds of other names that are still being verified before they can be published.

This comes in response to President Museveni’s speech on the security of the country in which he revealed that none of the people that have been labelled missing is actually missing. The president cleared the air when he said they are being held up by security for investigative purposes while others have been released already.

In his reaction, Kyagulanyi said that President Museveni was simply trying to downplay the abductions and push a narrative that all is well, even when mothers end families are in tears all over the country.

Kyagulanyi said that President Museveni will pay for this.
“Museveni and the few criminals he sends to torment citizens should rest assured that they will answer for each and every crime they continue to commit against innocent citizens,” Kyagulanyi said in a post.

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