Grace Khan dumped, former lover introduced by new catch

It is now safe to say that singer Grace Khan’s relationship with her former manager who also doubled as her lover, Kojja Kitonsa, ended in tears.

This is after the singer who once claimed to be deep in love with her manager and at one point organized a huge birthday party for Kitonsa shared a photo of her ex-lover being introduced by another woman identified as Sumayiya in a colorful low key ceremony.

Kojja Kitonsa introduced by new lover Sumayiya

The heartbroken singer then congratulated her ex-lover and his new wife, wishing them a happy and blissful marriage.
In her caption, Grace Khan added that Kitonsa will remain forever her music hero.

“Congratulations Kojja Kitonsa and your wife Sumayiya. God bless your Journey I wish you the best and you will forever be my music hero “ Grace Khan posted on her social media handles.

It should be recalled that before Grace Khan hooked up with Kojja Kitonsa, she had bitterly split with fellow singer Jovan Luzinda over issues that remained known to themselves.

After Kojja Kitonsa having a successful introduction ceremony with her wife, Grace Khan is now single and open for those willing to shower her with love.

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