I am not about to resign – DP President, Norbert Mao

The Chairman of the Democratic Party, Nobert Mao has revealed that he will not resign from the party’s top seat despite not delivering the promised number of members of parliament to the 11th Parliament.

Chairman Mao as often referred to by his Democratic Party colleagues, promised to ensure that the Party would have not less than 15 members of parliament in the 11th parliament.

The party had only 12 seats in the 10th parliament and Mao had promised ot have that number raised to at least 15 or else resign as part president.

The Democratic Party however, managed to bring only nine (9) members of parliament to the 11th Parliament which will be sworn into service in May 2021 after the January 14th General elections.

Contrary to what the party expected, Mao has said that he would not be resining as there is much more work for him to do while still at the helm of the party affairs.

“I will not resign despite getting less than 15 MPs as I promised.That would be abdication. I abandoned that promise long ago before 2021 elections after key DP leaders warned me never to repeat such a statement.”

Norbert Mao, Democratic Party President

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