Police explains the existence of numberless drones

The Uganda Police have circumstances under which and reasons why some Toyota Hiace vehicles, commonly referred to as “Drones” are on the road without number plates.

In the recent past, numberless drones have come under the spotlight as they are used by “security forces” to pick up (kidnap) Ugandans. It is alleged that armed men in casual clothes are the ones driving cars and some of the people picked up are tortured and thrown to unknown places.

The Kampala Head of Traffic, Lawrence Niwabine, through press brief held by the Police on February 15th, 2021 explained why some of these drones don’t have number plates.

“When drones are being imported, they come with very small number plates that always fall off on the way. That’s why some of them have no number plates.” Lawrence stated.

However, he said that the media is the one responsible for the exaggeration of the increment of numberless drones on the road.

“The media tends to blow it out of proportion.” The Kampala head of traffic said.

Niwabine Lawrence said the police is working on that problem of numberless drones on the road as they will keep arresting People that will be found driving such cars.

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