Fellow artists don’t involve me and I can’t force myself on them – Sheebah

Kalungi Sheebah better known by her stage name Sheebah denies being involved in some activities that concern the music industry by fellow artists.

In one of the interviews with STV, team no sleep artist revealed how she has been left out in so many many activities that happen in the music industry not even the Ugandan Music Association has ever invited her for a meeting.

“I can bet on it, if there is any artist who has ever told me that Sheebah we have a meeting and I refuse to attend, they can prove me wrong. It has never happened, my fellow artists never involve me in anything and I can’t force myself on them”. Sheebah said.

Sheebah who has been so rare in the media and the activities of other artists like joining meetings of the Uganda Musicians Association cleared the air on why she doesn’t attend some activities and is not going to attend unless she is invited.

‘Ice cream’ hitmaker has been an independent artist that has won so many awards and still tops the charts that’s why she is not bothered by a fellow artist not involving her in their activities.

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