Stop justifying torture – Sarah Birete tells UPDF

Executive Director at Center for Constitutional Governance (CCG) Sarah Birete has challenged the Uganda People’s Defense Forces to stop justifying any kind of torture because it is a crime against humanity.

Sarah made the remarks in response to The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) spokesperson Brig Gen Flavia Byekwaso’s statements following the brutalising of journalists yesterday in Kololo.

Brig Gen Byekwaso said that the group that was brutalised had assaulted one of the security personnel that were stationed at the cutoff point that had been stationed in Kololo and thus required to be pushed back forcefully.

The UPDF spokesperson called out the Press to wear easily identifiable press jackets to avoid being mistaken for other people and ease the work of security personnel.

Sarah Birete, however, condemned not only the acts of the security forces in attacking journalists but also called out the UDPF spokesperson for justifying those actions and asked them to own up to their mistakes and reform.

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