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Bars aren’t a place for spoilt people – Douglas Lwanga

NBS Television presenter has called out authorities to open up bars as well as other recreational activities that have been on lock since the outbreak of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020.

During the NBS After 5 show, that Douglas co-hosts with Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats, DJ Roja and DVJ Mercy Pro, a discussion on the existence of curfew and lockdown for some activities ensued.

MC Kats revealed that he has always wanted to ask for an explanation of the relationship between curfew and COVID-19, highlighting the fact that curfew doesn’t make sense when people spend the entire day moving up and down.

Douglas Lwanga then pointed out that the continued closure of bars only cripples the economy since businesses under that industry are weakened at the end of the day

“Seriously, the bars are closed and the owners are getting out of the business.”

Douglas Lwanga

Douglas added that the policy makers and implementers need to erase that midset that informs them that bars are places where spoilt people meet because bars have evolved over time and many responsible people meet their to make very important decisions and crack very important deals.

“You know when we speak about bars, some people are still in the old generation where a bar was looked at as a place that gathers spoilt people.”

Douglas Lwanga

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