My sexual partner is thirteen years younger than me – Dr Stella Nyanzi.

Ugandan academic Dr. Stella Nyanzi has revealed that she is happy having sexual relations with men who are younger than her. She even made it public that her current sexual partner is thirteen years younger than her.

The former Kampala Woman MP contestant, through her social media, said dissers call her ‘mulya butto’ a luganda word which means ‘eater of young chickens’ in English and calling her that word amuses her.

“Dissers call me “Mulya butto” which is popularly translated into English from Luganda colloquialism as “Eater of young chickens”. And this supposedly derogatory name somewhat amuses me whenever I get past its irritation.” She narrated.

However Stella Nyanzi wonders why other people who have sexual partners who are twenty or thirty years younger than them are not called ‘mulya butto’ too yet hers is just thirteen years younger than her but she is called ‘mulya butto’

“Today, I am forty-six years old, going on to forty-seven years old. My current lover is thirteen years younger than I am. He is thirty-three years old. I wonder why people think I am such a cougar! What about all these men whose sexual partners are twenty or thirty years their junior. Why isn’t anyone calling them ‘mulya butto’ too?” She posted

Despite the criticism imposed on the vocal “Nalongo” for having sexual partners below her age, she is convinced there is nothing wrong with that because they have always been above the 20years of age and know what they are doing.

“So, my sexual partners have mostly been younger than I am. A few were my exact age. However, I have never had a sexual partner below the age of consent. All the younger chickens I have eaten have always been way above twenty years old” Nyanzi added

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