Threats of sanctions shouldn’t be taken lightly – Hon Niwagaba

The Shadow Attorney General, Hon Wilfred Niwagaba has warned that any threats of sanctions against the country or individuals in the country should not be taken lightly and actions should be taken to avert these actions.

The Ndorwa East County Member of Parliament made the remarks while appearing on NBS Television’s NBS Frontline where he asked the government not to take the threats by the EU for granted.

According to Hon. Niwagaba, Uganda’s economy has suffered enough at the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic and should not be exposed anymore to, more so, avoidable threats.

“Any threats of sanctions should not be taken lightly. This economy has suffered from #COVID19.”

Hon Wilfred Niwagaba, Shadow Attorney General

Niwagaba asked the government to create favorable conditions for both local and foreign individuals looking to do business in the country as well as those visiting. He added that the conditions laid should not make other nations think of putting sanctions on Uganda.

“We should create conditions that will not make our neighbours think of putting sanctions on us. We also need the tourists”

Hon Wilfred Niwagaba, Shadow Attorney General

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