Get out of your comfort zones – Alex Muhangi tells artists

Comedian and Comedy Store boss, Alex Muhangi called on artists to wake up from their comfort zone and do something about their life rather than crying for the government to help them.

During an interview with NBS Uncut Sabula, Comedian Muhangi advised artists about many things especially how to work and earn without crying out for government.

The comedy store boss organised a dinner on Valentine’s day which most of the people interpreted as a concert yet concerts were counselled by the government, he came out and explained how he was able to successfully make it work out. He even warned them against their ignorance.

“I think all people in the art industry should be innovative and get out of their comfort zone. It’s not my problem that your ignorant, the government said we should organise something of people not exceeding 200 and that’s what I did.”

Alex Muhangi

Alex Muhangi told the artists that despite the government denying you to go hold concerts doesn’t mean you will stop bringing food to your family and that should make you think outside the box.

Sabula Comedian Muhangi also advised artist to learn how to do new things because they will not keep crying to the government yet they have a lot of businesses they can do and earn some money.

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