It’s hard to balance work and music – Faymous

Brian Matsiko, known by his stage name, Faymous Bryan revealed that it is actually difficult to balance his music career with his architectual work.

While appearing on NBS Television, Faymous who is an architectural designer at Arch Design, revealed that he finds it difficult to juggle his office work and his passion which is music.

“I find it hard to balance my music career and the architecture job. Being in the office, and pushing my music is quite challenging.”

Faymous Bryan

The “Kigwo” singer revealed that he has been in love with music all the way from high school where he was often involved in music and entertainment related issues and was often times in-charge of the school’s entertainment.

He hoever, says that growing up and taking on his profession as a career brought about a challenge of having to strike a balance between his passion and his career as an Architect, something that came along with enormous challenges.

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