They want to kill me; My life is in Danger – Frank Gashumba.

The Executive Director of Sisimuka Uganda, Frank Gashumba, has revealed that his life is in danger because of the political statements he has made on current national issues in the recent past.

In a live Facebook broadcast on the current political situation in the country yesterday, Gashumba said that the government doesn’t want anyone to speak about the ongoing violation of human rights, corruption and President Museveni’s refusal to leave power.

“For me, I am aware of the government plan to eliminate me and I know that I will be killed anytime. Every time I leave my house am worried that they may be waiting for me with a drone to take me to their safe houses. Even though I am worried, I wont stop talking about things that are taking place in my country,”he said

Although Gashumba is in fear of his life, he said he is ready to die because he doesn’t need anything in this world as he has achieved whatever he wanted to achieved.

“I am ready to die because there is nothing more that I still need in this world, so even if I am killed but I can’t stop speaking about what is happening in my country. Many people are living in fear. Many being are being kidnapped without any reason. There is the unnecessary arrest of innocent Ugandans.”

Frank Gashumba

According to Gashumba, the only person who can be listened to by President Museveni on the issues regarding kidnaps in the country is the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

“The only person who is highly respected by Gen Museveni is the Kabaka and I ask Ugandans to request him [Kabaka] so that he can come and speak about the ongoing kidnaps in the country. Museveni can no longer listen to any person in Uganda,” Gashumba added

Frank Gashumba is known for his voice in politics though he doesn’t actively participate in politics, he is an outspoken man.

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