Our president’s victory is now unchallenged – NRM

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) party has taken to jubilations following National Unity Platform’s decision to withdraw the election petition challenging their president’s victory in the just concluded presidential elections.

The party took to their social media platform to share their excitement and jubilations subsequent to the announcement of the withdrawal of the Election Petition from the Supreme Court by NUP’s Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

This comes just hours after the National Unity Platform (NUP) party president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu ordered his lawyers to withdraw the election petition from the Supreme Court citing bias from the judges.

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Earlier on, Kyagulanyi Sentamu had threatened to withdraw his election petition challenging the 2021 presidential elections if three of the nine judges that were scheduled to be in charge of hearing had not recused themselves from the case.

In response, the Chief Justice, Owiny-Dollo asked Kyagulanyi not to intimidate judges and to let them do and serve justice as they saw fit.

This came after the amendment requests as well as any additions to the election petition filed by Kyagulanyi Sentamu were denied by the Supreme Court, which Kyagulanyi and his lawyers saw as a biased and inclined ruling.

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