There are many unspoken things in this petition – Dr Kabumba Busingye

Makerere University Law Don, Dr Kabumba Busingye has said that there is more to the petition filed by National Unity Platform’s Kyagulanyi Sentamu than just challenging the election results.

The Human Rights Lawyer, while talking to NBS this morning said that he is looking at the Kyagulanyi Petition with a lot of interest just like any other Ugandan highlighting the fact that it has so many interesting parameters.

“I am watching this case with interest like any Ugandan. There are very many unspoken things in this petition”

Dr Kabumba Busingye

According to the law don, the petition filed by the National Unity Platform president challenging the January 14th Presidential Elections is a competition of visions about this country, generations as well as civilian engagement viz a viz military entrenchment.

“It is a competition of visions about the country. It is a competition of generations, civilian engagement vs military entrenchment.”

Dr Kabumba Busingye

According to Dr Busingye, there are lots of questions surrounding this legal fight some of which include ethnic and religious questions, many of which have been mentioned but are not foregrounded.

He added that the biggest challenge prevailing is a question of fusion of the state with somebody who has held power for so long in ways the constitution never contemplated and having him around for five (5) more years only worses the situation.

“The challenge we have is a question of the fusion of the State with the person who has held power for a long time in ways that this Constitution never contemplated. Five more years increase the problem, making it more difficult to undo.”

Dr Kabumba Busingye

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