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Ugandan Musicians don’t appreciate the work of fellows artists – Ragga Dee

Legendary musician Ragga Dee real names Daniel Kazibwe said that Ugandan musicians don’t appreciate the works of their fellow artists and that will make the industry stay behind.

During an interview with NBS After5 Ragga Dee explained the reasons why Ugandan musicians will never unite and be together especially in the Uganda Musician Association.

In his view the legendary said as musicians need to change their mind set. Hating on each other doesn’t solve any problem.

“It’s hard to find a Ugandan musician who appreciates the work of a fellow musician, we need to change our mindset. Hating on each other won’t solve anything in this industry.”

Ragga Dee

This comes after the association that was created to take on musicians the Uganda Musician Association (UMA) is not very stable ad they expected it to be.

So far the Association has had three presidents in just one and a half years which Raga Dee said will keep the music industry behind because musicians don’t want to be led and they have hatred in their hearts which will not work.

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